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How to build a Dice Rolling Arena!


Lumber Finished to 3/4 of an inch


Wood Glue

Sheet of Cardboard

Super Glue

Brad Nails


Table Saw (Or Circular saw or rip saw will work)

Miter Saw Clamps or weights


Sandpaper Square Brad Nailer

Recommended Wood

For this build use a Hardwood which will be sturdy for the best product. Good options include Oak, Walnut, or Cherry, though other woods will work. If building for outdoor use Cedar would be a good choice. For a special look use a different wood for the for parts A and B.


  1. Cut all parts out on a table saw or using another cutting method.

  2. With Part A glue together all 6 Pieces with glue at each miter joint.

  3. Allow to dry for a few hours

  4. While waiting, use glue to cover one side of the card board in felt

  5. Using Superglue glue the Cardboard to the bottom of the hexagon, make sure the when looking through the hexagon you can see the felt.

  6. On the back side of the cardboard line up part C and glue the piece down lining it up. Then Place 2 brad nails on each side (12 total), make sure to take care so nails don't shoot through the sides.

  7. Glue Part B around the outside of the Hexagon so that it hides the seem between part C and the Part A Hexagon.

  8. Sand

  9. Finish as you wish.

Part Diagrams

The following diagram shows the pieces which need to be cut.

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